Arrival Day
Information on Travel Day

Your group most likely will be arriving into San Juan International Airport, if needed go to bathrooms in terminal, when group is together, then head for the baggage claim area. Again make sure you have everyone, once you get to baggage claim you can't go back to the terminal. Once in baggage claim our staff will try and greet you inside, but if security will not let us in look out the big glass windows we will be there. If some luggage didn't arrive with the group don't panic it is ok this happens from time to time, go immediately to the lost baggage office for your airline located along the wall opposite the windows and fill out an information form. Your trip consultant will give you the address to where we are staying and where the bags need to be delivered. Once all your luggage is all claimed, and your group is together, come on out and greet the staff who will help you get luggage loaded and we will be off. Don't accept the help of non-staff people to help with luggage; they will expect tips for their help. Once we are all loaded up we will travel with you to Aguadilla, which is about a 2 hour drive or so depending on traffic. If you arrive around lunch time or just after, we will stop and get Pinchos which are meat kabobs a Puerto Rican favorite, before we leave San Juan. This will be discussed more after your flights are purchased with your Trip Consultant.

Luggage Requirements

We recommend that you check with your particular airlines for specific luggage and carry-on guidelines. If possible we ask that the groups bring one carry-on and a check bag and possible a second check bag if you need to bring stuff down for ministry. It is best to bring what you need instead of trying to ship it or using Amazon as delivery isn't an exact science at all on the island. In your carry-on we also recommend a change of close just in case your luggage gets delayed.

Also a suggestion, to make claiming your bags easier at the airport we recommend putting a unique piece of duck tape or string on each bag.

Team Shirts

You will be provided with a Vine and Branches shirt before your trip. We ask that you all wear your shirts on arrival day, at times Mission shirts can make the airport easier, also easier for us to identify you at the airport.


Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States so Puerto Rico official currency is US Dollars. Although Visa and Mastercard are pretty well accepted on the island American Express not so much.


Flexibility is paramount for a Mission Trip. Lance will tell teams they have to be Palm Trees, ask him what that means. Due to supplies not coming in, rainy days, power shortages and many other reasons, there will be times when our plans have to be changed. Just go with God's got this and when he takes over it is better than what we planned anyway.

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