General Information
Short term mission trips to Puerto Rico
You will be serving and staying on the west side of the island in one of four communities we are current looking to serve in. While the West Coast definitely has a strong United States presence with several large US Companies and the US Homeland Security all having operations on the west side, it still has a strong Spanish feel as well. High Temperatures range in the low 80's to mid 90's year round with an ocean breeze that usually makes it feel cooler. Due to the tropical weather we are able to host teams year round.

Will be determined by group size and availability of specific locations, but plan on having a ladies sleeping area and a men's sleeping area. Even married couples will be split up for the week along with children must sleep with same sex.

You food will be prepared by locals who take great care in providing a mix between Puerto Rican meals and some American meals. While Puerto Rican water is safe to drink, it is filtered different than in the US, so we will always have 5 gallon jugs of water to fill your water bottles with.

Vine and Branches focuses on outreach to Children and their families. We do this working with low income governement housing communities as long with occasional work with local Children's Homes. How your team accomplishes this will be based on your groups gifts, such as VBS, Sports Camps, Cheer camp etc, or may include some educational programs for the adults. For the afternoon ministry time we do have connections with area churches that we can serve out either with physical labor or with mercy ministry.

You will travel all week in either vans or bus depending on the size of the group. We will have staff that handle all the van driving and a professional bus driver for the bus.

Another important aspect of a mission trip is to enjoy the surrounding beauty and culture of the island. You will have a recreation day along with generally an afternoon for recreation. See the recreation tab for more information and options.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States so Puerto Rico official currency is US Dollars. Although Visa and Mastercard are pretty well accepted on the island American Express and Discover card not so much.

Credit Card
It is a good idea for those that can to have a credit card on hand in case of emergency. If you have to go to the hospital they will take your insurance but sometimes they still require a deposit of $200-$500. For shopping Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted and some places accept American Express. Discover card is very rarely accepted on the island.
Why choose us?
By being non-denominational we have worked with all types of church groups. Each trip is customized to fit the team's interests and gifts. No two trips are exactly the same.
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