Vine and Branches Ministries
Board of Directors and Officers
These individuals have joined forces from across the country to come together for the betterment of PR. Join us in meeting each of our Board Members.
Lance lives in Cincinnati with his wife Carolyn, they have 3 grown daughters. Lance currently works for a school district but is getting ready to transition over to Executive Director of Vine and Branches Ministries. Lance and his wife our preparing to move to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Lance has had a strong involvement with Missions leading trips in Jamaica, Mexico and for the past 6 years Puerto Rico.
Lance Whitehurst- Board President
Noel lives in Levittown, Puerto Rico where he is a Middle School and High School teacher at a Christian School. This past November Noel finished a Master's Degree in Special Ed and is now continueing his studies in Counseling and Psychology. He has lived in PR since 2000, and he is an active member of Armor y Verdad Church where he is part of the worship ministry and teaches the youth.
Noel Antonio Gonzalez Jr.- Board Treasurer
Carolyn lives in Cincinnati with her husband Lance and is a IT Q&A Tester
with a large autoparts company. Carolyn has an Associate Degree in Network
System Administration and a Bachelors in Information Systems Securities.
Carolyn is an active member at Bridgetown Church of Christ where she heads
up the Cafe, and works with the Youth. Carolyn enjoys hiking, gardening and
sewing in her spare time.
Carolyn Whitehurst - Board Secretary
Terri currently resides in Anderson, IN where she works as a therapist for a community health agency. She is a licensed Mental Health Counselor with a BA in Christian Ed with emaphasis in Youth Ministry and a Masters in in Counseling both from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary. Terri's passion is to find opportunities to support children,families and individuals as they seek ways to conquer life's challenges and hope for brighter futures.

Terri Turner-Board Member
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